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8th February 2017

BB Law recently dealt with a ‘Laser Jammer’ case. Our client’s case was concluded at York Crown Court on 7th February 2017 when our client narrowly avoided an immediate custodial sentence Read more ….

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11th August 2016

This client instructed BB Law a few days before his trial.  We persuaded the prosecution to drop the s.172 charge (which carries a large fine and minimum of 6 points) in return for a guilty plea to the original minor red-light offence.  This was potentially a difficult task because the red-light offence was well over […]

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Successful appeal against sentence – Exceptional Hardship found and no ban despite 13 penalty points

“Bobby. Many thanks for this – the letter is much appreciated as confirmation of the status obtained. In terms of feedback I have only good things to say really. You were instructed at very short notice but quickly got to the nub of the issues and guided me appropriately. Your presentation at the first hearing was very well put together and delivered considering the time available and I believe that had the Magistrates at that first hearing simply reflected the evidence presented they should have came to the same conclusion as the appeal – however, as you say, we got there in the end. I would certainly use you again if requiring legal advice. Best regards” – Mr T, V – North Wales

Clients Feedback

Successful Crown Court Appeal Against Sentence – Exceptional Hardship & some costs refunded

“The service and advice Bobby Bell provided was more than excellent, I felt I was in confident hands every step of the way. Bobby was clear with advice and options given. I have never spoken to a solicitor with such belief in what they are doing. I cannot thank him enough for successfully succeeding to convince the Crown Court judge to accept my exceptional hardship case. To succeed at keeping my licence with my prior driving history was simply all due to his expertise and the way it was presented in court. The court found that exceptional hardship would be caused if I was going to be banned from driving. My licence was endorsed with 3 points for the mobile phone offence and I was fined £50 but I was allowed to continue to drive with 12 points on my licence and the court refunded some of my legal costs. Bobby, I will recommend your services to anyone that needs help and needs complete re-assurance that their case will be dealt with expertly.” – Mr A, N – London

S.172 Fail to Identify Driver – case dropped before trial – all client’s costs to be refunded

“Could I say that I was very worried about the implications of the case when the summons dropped through my letterbox. Not only was there the summons to deal with, but there was also the minefield of finding and choosing somebody to deal with the case. However, even though I had spoken with other motoring lawyers, BB Law stood out amongst them, making the decision to appoint you extremely easy. In this situation, you proved to be exactly what was required – helpful, clear, thorough, knowledgeable and confident and you most definitely took the strain out of a very stressful process. I would not hesitate for one minute to recommend that anybody facing a motoring conviction should use BB Law. My heartfelt thanks for providing an incredible service! Warmest regards” – Mr P, S – Kent

Serious accident – Careless Driving/Fail to Stop/Fail to Report – 2 offences dropped, 4 points, £100 fine and 66% of legal costs refunded

“Bobby from BBLaw was the first to answer his phone immediately when I was first looking for a solicitor and was patient when listening to my case. I did not fully understand the implications of the summons I was dealing with, and he was very realistic with the possible courses of action. After reviewing the case fully, his advice was to negotiate one guilty plea for careless driving in exchange for the prosecution to drop two charges, fail to stop and fail to report. While he did not expect such a great outcome, we ended up with only 4 points for careless driving. I could have lost my license as a new driver if I got 6 or more points, but he convinced the magistrate that although a fairly serious accident occurred, it was just a momentary lapse of attention. I would recommend Bobby to anyone, even if he would have to travel to a distant court. He is efficient and thorough with answering questions, and makes himself available during evenings and weekends.” – Mrs S, B – Ilford, Essex

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