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8th February 2017

BB Law recently dealt with a ‘Laser Jammer’ case. Our client’s case was concluded at York Crown Court on 7th February 2017 when our client narrowly avoided an immediate custodial sentence Read more ….

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11th August 2016

This client instructed BB Law a few days before his trial.  We persuaded the prosecution to drop the s.172 charge (which carries a large fine and minimum of 6 points) in return for a guilty plea to the original minor red-light offence.  This was potentially a difficult task because the red-light offence was well over […]

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Fail to Comply with Traffic Direction (given by a PCSO) – discontinued before trial

“I received a court summons following an incident of illegal parking and failing to stop when asked by a PCSO to do so. I was given some advice on a motoring forum and a couple of users recommended BB LAW. I got in touch with Bobby and we agreed a fixed fee sum for him to handle my case. Bobby was extremely knowledgeable and professional from the outset. His communication is second to none, keeping me informed at all times and he replied to all my e-mails and any questions straight away. He discovered an error straight away in my case and upon submitting a defence got the case dropped by the CPS. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! Certainly saved me from points and a large fine” – Mr P, W – Reading

Fail to Provide a Specimen of Breath (Drink Drive) – discontinued before trial

BB Law identified a procedural error with the way the intoxilyzer procedure had been conducted in this case. We then made detailed representations to the CPS, which resulted in the case being dropped. An application for costs has now been submitted. This client provided the following feedback –

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and the exceptionally high level of specialist service I have received from you over the past few months. I know the outcome would not have been so favourable had it not been for your efforts, experience and in-depth understanding of the law in such matters. Your service has been outstanding, taking the time to reply to telephone calls and emails promptly and in depth, helping to reassure me throughout this case. Thank you once again for all your help and support. I will make sure I recommend you to everyone I know and anyone who ever asked if I know a good motoring specialist lawyer! Very Best Wishes” – Mr A, L – Bedfordshire

Zero points for No Insurance offence after Special Reasons were found on second appeal to the Crown Court

This client represented himself at the magistrates’ court and was given a fine and 6 points for a No Insurance offence. He then represented himself on appeal to the Crown Court and his appeal was dismissed. He eventually contacted BB Law and we managed to persuade the Crown Court to rehear the appeal. Bobby Bell represented the client during this second appeal and persuaded the court to find Special Reasons not endorse the licence with any points and also persuaded the court to replace the fine with a Absolute Discharge. 50% of the client’s legal fees were refunded by the court.

“Dear Mr Bell. Although, as you aware that my native language is not the English, therefore I may not able to find the suitable words to describe the standard of the service which I have received from your respectable firm. But I can say that I have received a very high standard of service without any hassle this due to the fact that the firm is managing by a director like yourself which I can describe as: – a very Qualified, Honest, Honourable, Talented, Focused, Fair, Reasonable, Active, Bright, Ambitious, Expert, Confident and Cooperative young mature gentleman. I wish nothing but the best for you. Please accept my best regards.” – Mr T, E – London

Licence saved despite accumulating 16 points for Speeding (Exceptional Hardship found)

“Thanks for your email. I’m over the moon on the result and the way you dealt with the matter in court regarding my driving offences on 28/12/12. I once again thank you for your professional manner” – Mr A, K – County Durham

Appeal Against Conviction & Sentence – Using Mobile Phone

This client was unrepresented at the magistrates’ court, where the court clerk failed to recognise that there were clearly Special Reasons not to endorse his driving licence with any penalty points despite the court having found him guilty of using a mobile whilst driving. We were extremely unlucky not to have got the conviction overturned on appeal to the Crown Court but we were able to get the endorsement and points removed from his licence by arguing Special Reasons not to endorse.

“Hi Bobby. Thanks a million for your good job well done. Your service is second to none in motoring law. I was impressed! I am highly grateful and would recommend you to as many as may have motoring problems. Many thanks once again with your support and sincerity all through the time I came in contact with you.”
– Mr O, D – London

Serious allegation (multiple cars racing, dangerous overtake) – case dropped before trial & client’s costs to be refunded

This client was initially arrested and held in a police cell for what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. We knew the prosecution witness and police had got our client’s car mixed up with a similar model that had been travelling on the same stretch of road. The prosecution dropped the case days before the trial.

“I’d like to thank you for everything you have done for me, you reassured me through a very stressful time. You kept me very well informed through every stage of the case. If ever (god forbid) I need representation in the future, there will be no other solicitor I would use. I would gladly give your details to anyone needing a fantastic, genuine, professional solicitor as I know you will put 110% effort into the case. Thanks again.” – Mr G, R – Stoke-on-Trent

Racing on a Public Highway – case dropped and all client’s costs to be refunded

BB Law have represented numerous clients accused of Street Racing in Nechells, Birmingham. To date we have a 100% success rate with these cases.

“Thank you for your A1 service. You gave me advice and help when it really mattered. I was one of 400 people who West Midlands police had videoed using undercover CCTV at a boy racer hot spot. Me being a young male driving a high power motor vehicle was slapped with a court summons for taking part in street racing when I only just passed the area. I drive for a living so really needed my license. After speaking with BB Law about my matter, they dealt with my paperwork for court then started to build the case finding problems on the two statements which was made against me. The service was A1 from day one to the very end, no messing around, straight to the point information when I needed it. To have the case dropped against me was the best news! No fine, no ban and my costs refunded back. I don’t know what I would of done with no license and job. Thank you Bobby for your service!” – Mr M, T – Birmingham

Speeding on M6 – potential disqualification avoided

“Mr Bell, Thank you very much for defending my speeding case (105 mph on the M6) I was fearing the worst, but your expert knowledge of Road Traffic Law and Court procedure, in particular drawing the Courts attention to guidelines that other none specialist Solicitors may not be aware of, which made a difference to the outcome. You presented my case in a concise manner and were able to secure 6 points instead of a driving ban, with a fine which was fair. All in all your fixed fee was very reasonable. This outcome has made this a better Christmas than I was anticipating. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of BB Law.” – Mr N, W – Chester

S.172 Fail to Identify Driver – case dropped before trial – all client’s costs to be refunded

“Could I say that I was very worried about the implications of the case when the summons dropped through my letterbox. Not only was there the summons to deal with, but there was also the minefield of finding and choosing somebody to deal with the case. However, even though I had spoken with other motoring lawyers, BB Law stood out amongst them, making the decision to appoint you extremely easy. In this situation, you proved to be exactly what was required – helpful, clear, thorough, knowledgeable and confident and you most definitely took the strain out of a very stressful process. I would not hesitate for one minute to recommend that anybody facing a motoring conviction should use BB Law. My heartfelt thanks for providing an incredible service! Warmest regards” – Mr P, S – Kent

Speeding at 108mph on M6 – potential driving ban avoided

“Dear Mr Bell, I would like to sincerely thank you for the expert service provided to me earlier this month by your firm. I felt that you achieved an amazing result for me personally after presenting an extremely convincing argument to the magistrates to not ban me. I contacted BB Law in October after receiving my court summons. Whilst searching for legal representation I learnt that BB Law have an expert knowledge of local courts in Cheshire, which was one of the reasons I didn’t hesitate to instruct them. From my first contact with BB Law, up to the final day in court, Bobby was always available to advise me and keep me posted with information I required.

I would most certainly recommend BB Law to family and will most certainly be keeping Bobby’s number in my diary for any future legal matters. On a personal level I felt extremely comfortable with Bobby as he is professional and clear with his advice as well as being a smart and well presented person. His legal advocacy skills in court on the day were also impressive to witness. Thanks Bobby, You are most certainly a life saver in my particular case and your fees were extremely affordable leaving enough in the wallet to furnish the inevitable fine and fees. Kindest regards” – Mr R, S – Prestbury

S.172 Fail to Identify Driver and Speeding allegations x 2

“We are both very pleased with the outcome of our cases and would like to thank you. It seemed a little strange to deal with the whole matter by e-mail, without a telephone call or office meeting, but I think that has made the whole process less time consuming and hence less stressful. You requested all the information you needed from us in plenty of time and nothing was left until the last minute. We would certainly use your company again if need be and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you. Kind regards” – Ms C, K & Mr G, W – Cheshire

3 Points for 88 year old ex-traffic officer for Careless Driving offence

“Dear Mr Bell. Many thanks and congratulations for your efforts so that I keep my driving licence. I must admit that being involved in the prosecution side in magistrates’ courts I was all out of my depth on receiving the summons and I was very relieved when you took it on despite the difficulty in communication, I having no computer and working through Peter, an old friend. As you realise I have come into contact with many solicitors and counsel, some good, some downright awful, your work was done with knowledge and interest and execution better than most in my thirty years of dealing with their work. I wish you every success in your business life. Thank you again.” – Mr A, B – Shrewsbury

Using a vehicle with a defective tyre – one offence withdrawn and 50% of client’s costs refunded

“I want to thank you for professionally handling this matter. Your advice has been extremely helpful and I felt my case was always in good hands. With unexpected errors from the court (endorsing my licence with 2 cases rather than 1) you’ve made sure I got the right sentence at no extra cost – in fact I got a refund from the court for their error! I hope it wouldn’t come to it but I would definitely use your services again if I need to in future. Highly recommended!” – Mr M, A – London

Fail to Identify Driver (s.172 Road Traffic Act 1988) conviction reopened and charge withdrawn

This client thought he was certain to get a minimum 6 month ban under the ‘Totting Up’ provisions but fortunately he contacted BBLaw who quickly sorted everything out for him and all for an extremely competitive fixed fee.

“It was an absolutely fantastic result and I am so grateful for all your help and advice along the way. I was most impressed with your professionalism and prompt response from the moment I contacted you. I was certain that I would lose my licence so I am so delighted that you managed get this result for me and I can continue to drive. I would not hesitate to recommend your services and hopefully I will not require your services again! However should I need to I would not hesitate!” – Mr D, L – Glasgow

Careless Driving – case dismissed & all costs refunded

“After finding myself in a little bother with the police and being in the unfortunate situation of losing my licence from a totting up ban. I got in touch with Bobby after he was highly recommended to me by someone I knew. Bobby was very helpful in answering all my questions on the phone and though email, always getting back to me quickly. I had Bobby represent me in court where he managed to pick apart mistakes made by the CPS and police getting the Careless Driving charges against me dropped. Without Bobby’s help I would have definitely ended up getting banned which would have meant losing my job. I was very happy with the level of service and the outcome.” – Mr T, K – Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Taking Part in a Race on a Public Highway (Street Racing/Racing on a Public Highway) – case dismissed & all costs refunded

This client was one of the approximately 250 drivers being prosecuted by West Midlands Police for alleged Street Racing. The prosecution were seeking to prove the client was taking part in a motor race, solely on the basis of a mere 6 seconds of CCTV footage showing his car accelerating quickly away from a set of traffic lights. What was even more concerning was the fact that the CCTV had been substantially edited by a police officer in a way that helped give the appearance that a race was taking place. Needless to say BB Law were not impressed and after pointing out the failings with the prosecution case, the allegation was dismissed. Justice was done for this client but how many others have been convicted on similar evidence?

“Hi Bobby, Thanks for all of your help & advice throughout this case. Everything was done by the book, as you proved in court. I can honestly say having walked into the court room I was expecting a 12 month ban for my allegation of racing another car from traffic lights even though I knew I was innocent. To have the case dismissed was such a relief! No points, no ban, no fine and all my legal fees refunded. That’s how it’s done! Well done Bobby.” – Mr G, S – Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Failing to Identify Driver (s.172 / Failing to Furnish) – allegation dropped

“Great result, thank you very much. Hopefully I won’t need to use you again but I know where you are! Your top notch service has been delivered with great clarity and efficiency; and has brought certainty and peace of mind at a time when my job and therefore family and lifestyle seemed to be at risk. I would recommend BB Law to anybody” – Mr A, G – Greater Manchester

Failing to Stop for a School Crossing Patrol – Not Guilty after trial & all costs refunded

“Here are a few comments which you may wish to include in your testimonials. You may also retain my e-mail and mobile numbers if any potential client may wish to contact me directly.

I’m delighted at the outcome of my hearing after a very stressful 6 months waiting for the case to come to court. From research you did it was apparent the police and local services did little to investigate the cause of previous alleged offences including mine, just prosecuted the motorist. I was determined and always confident I would prove my innocence but without your assistance and technical knowledge of the law this may have proved difficult. Due to the nature of the charge, obtaining assistance from a local solicitor was difficult as it was a contentious local issue.

Until a week before the case I intended to defend myself, then realised I needed help. From my initial contact with yourself, I always felt fully assured you would present my defence in a professional manner. We exchanged numerous e-mails during the week, many well after normal working hours, and I fully appreciate the travelling you did to the south of the country to represent me in court. I was greatly relieved when I was found not guilty, additionally to be awarded full costs against the CPS. I would have no hesitation in recommending BB Law to anybody who requires friendly, honest support and assistance.” – Mr P, H – Worthing

Exceptional Hardship found – meaning client avoids Totting Up ban

“Dear Bobby. First, I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks for saving not only my license – but by extension, my job. Given the turn of events that overtook proceedings on the day, I was impressed by the mettle and resourcefulness you showed in handling matters – and inexpressibly relieved by the final outcome. I can say with hand on heart, that your fee is probably the best investment I’ve ever made … or probably ever likely to. Excellent value not just in terms of outcome, but also for the quality of communications – and the timely manner in which I was kept abreast of proceedings and options at each step of the way. Having chosen you from a number of other specialist solicitors, I was immensely pleased by the vindication of my choice – not just in terms of outcome, but on cost too. My decision to appoint you was as much a result of your reputation on the forums, as of the confidence you inspired during our preliminary discussion … so, long may your stock continue to rise. With sincerest gratitude.” – Mr N, F – Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Successful Appeal Against Sentence & all costs refunded

“I feel I must convey my total gratitude for the complete service you have provided and how grateful I am for your services. You successfully achieved a reduced disqualification for me which I was not expecting, and more impressively got a substantial reduction in the fine I had to pay. You are a true professional, with the clear intent of working for your clients. If it was not for you, I would still not have my driving license and I would be financially worse off. I now have my license back and thank you very much for making the whole legal experience less stressful. I would recommend you to anybody caught in a similar situation and would feel confident they would receive a similar professional service. I wish you all the best and thank you once again.” – Ms N, F – West Midlands

Absolute Discharge for Drink Driving offence

This was an unusual case and an exceptional result. The outcome shows that despite the rigid sentencing guidelines that magistrates are told to apply, magistrates are willing to consider the overall justice of the situation and use their discretion to sentence outside the guidelines in an appropriate case.

“Bobby. My family and I have been very impressed and pleased with the service we received as well as the final outcome. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. I felt much more comfortable thanks to the advice received, and it made me a lot more confident that I was doing everything I could to get the best result possible. It helped me understand everything that was going on, so that there were no nasty surprises that I wasn’t aware of. My experience has inspired me to look at law as a very possible path I would like to take. I am very pleased with the result of my case, and thank you very much for all that you have done. Best regards” – T – Cheshire

6 Points for alleged 114mph on motorway

This client was summoned for an allegation of speeding at 114mph, however, the client was adamant that he was going no faster than 105mph. BBLaw were able to secure a guilty plea on the basis of the 105mph and subsequently secure 6 points rather than a disqualification, which was absolutely vital as far as this client was concerned.

“Hi Bobby. Just wanted to email you to thank you for your excellent and thorough service throughout my case. Your advice was absolutely spot on. I hope I never need to go through this process again, however, If I do, your number will be the first I phone. I will also be 100% happy to recommend you services to anyone who require legal motor advice. The case proceeded in exactly the manner you advised it would, and it was that knowledge that helped me achieve the best possible result given the circumstances. Many thanks” – Mr P, K – London

Speeding allegation dropped

Representations to the central ticket office resulted in this client’s fixed penalty being cancelled.

“Hi Bobby. Thank you for your help and swift action on this matter, I will be sure to recommend you to my family and friends if they ever need your assistance. Best regards” – Mr R, A – Leigh

Driving on a restricted byway – case discontinued before trial & all costs refunded

“Dear Bobby, I was so pleased when you contacted me to tell me that the case against me had been dropped. I remember how anxious I had felt a year ago when I was accused of riding my motorcycle illegally. Added to this the shenanigans of the police officer accusing me, I remember how angry yet helpless I felt to defend myself. You have worked tirelessly to get the result we both wanted. You exposed the alleged evidence for what it was and the CPS eventually had no choice but to discontinue.

I know that without your expertise, careful research and knowledge of the law it would have been a very different story. I would also like to praise you for the personal manner in which you have dealt with my case, it has helped me feel involved and allowed me to have an ongoing belief that I was right to fight. I now have your email and number to hand should I be unfortunate enough to need to call on your excellent services in the future. I would like you to use this letter on your website. I recommend that anyone who thinks they could do with a great lawyer, truly on their side either now or in the future to store your number in their phone now. Once again please accept my sincere thanks for a wonderful job”. – Mr A, R – North Yorkshire

6 points for alleged 104mph in a 50mph limit

“It’s not all about the speed”

“Hi Bobby. Great result today – I especially liked the above comment! Seriously, many thanks for your efforts – you clearly struck the right note with everyone concerned, and that can’t be an easy thing to get right. Absolutely stunned when the chair whispered “six points”. If you ever need a reference please get in touch – I would have no hesitation in recommending your services. Thanks again”. – Mr B, W – Northamptonshire

Careless Driving causing five car pile up on motorway – serious damage – 5 points + fine

“Dear Bobby, thanks very much for your last e-mail. A Quick feedback: Speaking to you over the phone re-assured me that you were the correct person to handle my case. You have been very professional while dealing my case. Before going to court, you have explained each and every step in written form and you explained everything in detail while we were in the court. In front of magistrate, you represented my case excellently and your tactics were to focus on concentration lapse which helped my case. From the start to end, you have directed the court to one direction only and that worked well in my favour. I would like to thank you for your hard work and sincere efforts and congratulates you to achieve minimum sentence on this case.” – Mr S, G – Essex

Police investigation for Dangerous Driving/Fail to Stop/Fail to Report – case dropped

“I’m really pleased with the service received. Having nearly 15 years of driving experience with no accidents I faced being taken off the road by either being disqualified or having to pay high yearly insurance premium of £2k+ because of the conviction codes on my license. After I got BBLaw to represent me I received a letter saying “no further police action will be taken”!!! I’ve got a feeling that would have been different hadn’t BBLaw helped me, so I can recommend him to anyone in a situation similar to mine. Always on time, very good communication skills, every single e-mail replied, every single phonecall answered or returned and I just felt being taken care of, which was just what I needed at that time. Worth every penny spent, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH, BOBBY!” – Mr P, C – Guildford, Surrey

Serious accident – Careless Driving/Fail to Stop/Fail to Report – 2 offences dropped, 4 points, £100 fine and 66% of legal costs refunded

“Bobby from BBLaw was the first to answer his phone immediately when I was first looking for a solicitor and was patient when listening to my case. I did not fully understand the implications of the summons I was dealing with, and he was very realistic with the possible courses of action. After reviewing the case fully, his advice was to negotiate one guilty plea for careless driving in exchange for the prosecution to drop two charges, fail to stop and fail to report. While he did not expect such a great outcome, we ended up with only 4 points for careless driving. I could have lost my license as a new driver if I got 6 or more points, but he convinced the magistrate that although a fairly serious accident occurred, it was just a momentary lapse of attention. I would recommend Bobby to anyone, even if he would have to travel to a distant court. He is efficient and thorough with answering questions, and makes himself available during evenings and weekends.” – Mrs S, B – Ilford, Essex

Fail to Identify Driver allegation dropped & 3 points for original Speeding offence

“Hi Bobby. Thank you for dealing with my case so efficiently, I’m satisfied with the outcome. I appreciate the way you managed to respond to my (numerous) email enquiries promptly and kept me up to date on the process. I would certainly recommend you to other people in my position. Many thanks” – Mr A, S – Cardiff

Driver Improvement Course instead of prosecution for Careless Driving offence involving serious collision

“Hi Bobby. I found your service really good. You were very professional and you got me the best outcome! Thanks again” – Mr J, F – Northwich

Speeding prosecution discontinued before trial after BB Law spot police procedural error & all costs refunded

The staff at the central ticket office had failed to send a driver identification form to the client in his own name, instead the prosecution were seeking to rely on a form that the client had completed but which had not been addressed to him. This result was all the more important for this client as he was already on 9 points and so was at risk of a Totting ban.

“I would like to express my great thanks to Bobby Bell for all the great professional help he gave me in overturning a punitive speeding fine. The help was largely conducted over the phone and by e-mail where possible, keeping costs down, and was always given in a friendly and efficient manner. He also managed to get my costs refunded, which was a great bonus. I do realise that it also helps to have a little luck on your side sometimes! Here’s to you Bobby!”
– Mr M, A – North Wales

Successful Exceptional Hardship argument – licence saved despite 12 points

“Hi Bobby, it was a good day the whole service that you provided was fantastic, it was practical advice and your web site was good. I would recommend anyone to your web site and your service, thanks again. I will not be speeding anymore and I will make sure that all my points come off my licence, all the best Bobby.” – Mr D, E – Oxford

No Insurance discontinued and 0 points for Driving Otherwise Than in Accordance with a Licence & 90% of costs refunded

“I can’t put into words how I feel right now. I am more than exhilarated. Let the world know, I have a clean record. Bobby, you are an exceptional lawyer. Even when I had doubts about pursuing this case, you believed in yourself and told me we were going to win. I remember that twice I had phoned you to abandon the case and twice you told me I should leave it to you – that I should trust you. Eventually, I did and today I am the recipient of good news. Thank you, Bobby. I promise you that I will write a better response when I have calmed down. Thank you so much for the passion and hard work.” – Mrs E, B – Brighton

Not Guilty verdict following 2 day trial for near fatal Careless Driving allegation & all costs refunded

“I can’t thank you enough for the huge amount of work that you put into defending this case for me. You never gave up even though the prosecution brought in their best lawyer to try and get me convicted. I knew I was innocent but I needed someone like you to make sure the court got the full picture and not just what the prosecution wanted them to believe. Your ideas such as videoing the scene of the incident in the dark and wet to show the court what I would have seen, could have made all the difference to the result. The fact I will get all my legal costs back is also a huge relief and will help to pay for my wedding! I will recommend you to everyone.” – Mr S, H – Manchester

Successful Crown Court Appeal Against Conviction & all costs refunded

“Dear Bobby. Thank you for all your efforts in successfully appealing my conviction regarding my tyre tread, which was said to be below the legal limit by the Traffic Officer. I felt I had been treated unfairly during my trial at the magistrates’ court when I represented myself and I am truly grateful for all your hard work involved in winning the case at the Crown Court appeal. The way you continued to fight to ensure the judge agreed to order a full refund of my costs was just brilliant. Thanks again for all your help!” – Pastor I O jp – London

Dangerous Driving prosecution dropped to Careless Driving and Defence Costs Order granted

“Dear Bobby. Thank you so much for agreeing to defend me. Finding your website and contacting you was the best thing I did after receiving my summons for dangerous driving. Your knowledge and professionalism over the phone immediately had a calming effect on me. I am so grateful for your advice and for getting the charge dropped to Careless Driving.

I live in a rural area with no public transport and without my licence I would have had to give up work. 6 points on my licence and a small fine was a far better outcome than the one I was dreading when I first Googled Dangerous Driving and realised what could happen. The fact that the incident happened in North Wales was an additional worrying factor with the reputation of the police in this area. I am also very grateful to you for persuading the court to grant a defence costs order in relation to the withdrawn Dangerous Driving offence. As soon as I receive the cheque I will let you know. I will not hesitate to recommend BBLaw in the future to anyone in need of advice on motoring offences. Once again many thanks.” – Mr J, D – North Wales

Fail to Identify Driver (s.172 RTA 1988) dropped

Hi Bobby. Thanks so much for your help with this, I am very happy with the end result and can breathe a little easier now! A synopsis you are welcome to use for your site:

“My own inaction turned a fairly minor speeding offence into a potentially damaging failing to provide information court summons. The insurance hike and fines seemed horrendous and I could see no easy way out. Following a recommendation, I approached Bobby Bell who, for a reasonable fee, negotiated with the CPS to drop the Fail to ID Driver charge! A potential large fine and 6 points turned into £60 fine and 3 points. Bobby undertook the work personally and was always at the end of the phone if I had questions. He was a consummate professional and I am delighted with his service.” – Mr S, F – Bridgend

The Court, the CPS and this client’s previous Solicitor all got the law wrong. BB Law sort the mess out, reopen the conviction, points removed, fine refunded and case dropped, all within the space of 4 weeks. All client’s costs refunded

“Regarding your service – it was excellent, you acted very professionally throughout. I warmed greatly to your ‘I’ll look at the case FREE OF CHARGE and advise if we have a chance of winning’. Once you had decided to take the case on the fees were clear. Your knowledge of motoring law is first class and you left no stone unturned in getting the right and just outcome. I was very pleased that you went the extra mile and having updates in the evening or as required was certainly a comfort (others I am sure would be saying it’s the weekend or 5pm!) Finally, I would gladly recommend your service to anyone and should a future client wish to chat with me I am more than happy to do so. Thanks sincerely again.” Regards – Mr R, M – Staffordshire

4 x offences reduced to 2, avoiding potential ‘Totting Up’ ban & 95% of costs refunded

“Dear Bobby, many thanks for the letter, here are my comments, feel free to use on your website if you like – ‘I was shocked and anxious about the situation I was in, however, from the initial call Bobby’s calm manner reassured me and we agreed a course of action. Bobby kept me fully informed of what was going on, responded very quickly to any questions that I had and because he is confident with technology we were able to exchange documents very quickly by scanning and emailing. Even though Bobby was away he contacted the court on my behalf and then let me know what had happened. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bobby to anyone and even though I am in Berkshire and he is in Cheshire this was not a barrier to him representing me’. Thanks again for all your help!” – Miss T, S – Berkshire

Causing Death by Dangerous Driving prosecution reduced to Causing Death by Careless Driving

This was a very serious and a very sad case for all involved.

“BBLaw provided a very friendly and sincere service, which I deem to be second to none. Communication was instant and the service was extremely good value for money. I would definitely use the firm again and would definitely recommend to others.” – Mr H, Staffordshire

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