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8th February 2017

BB Law recently dealt with a ‘Laser Jammer’ case. Our client’s case was concluded at York Crown Court on 7th February 2017 when our client narrowly avoided an immediate custodial sentence Read more ….

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11th August 2016

This client instructed BB Law a few days before his trial.  We persuaded the prosecution to drop the s.172 charge (which carries a large fine and minimum of 6 points) in return for a guilty plea to the original minor red-light offence.  This was potentially a difficult task because the red-light offence was well over […]

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“Hello, I’m Bobby Bell. I’m a specialist motoring lawyer – welcome to my website ….”

I’m a straight talking, no-nonsense, value for money motoring lawyer. I don’t deal with any other type of law.  I’m a genuine expert in road traffic law.
I work exceptionally hard for my clients and the results I achieve for them, which is why BB Law has a ‘5 star’ Google Review status and a 9.4 Trustpilot Rating

These are the types of motoring law cases I regularly deal with –

Speeding (particularly high speed offences) – Fail to provide driver information (s.172 Road Traffic Act) – 12 Points (Totting Up) & Exceptional Hardship – Fail to Stop / Fail to Report – Careless Driving – Drink Driving & Drug Driving – Causing Death or Serious Injury by Careless or Dangerous Driving – Using Mobile Phone Whilst Driving – Driving without Insurance

I don’t quote ambiguous success rates – I don’t take on cases unless I think I can be of real value to a client – I don’t make false promises – I don’t like disappointed clients – I don’t like losing!

I do offer a FREE Initial Advice Service which involves me spending time assessing the merits of your case so that I can let you know from the outset whether it’s likely that I can make a positive difference to your situation. If I don’t think I can help you then it’s in both our interests that I tell you that before you instruct me.

There are so many solicitors advertising themselves as specialist motoring lawyers, how do you decide who to trust with your case?
1) Check whether the specialist motoring law firm / solicitor you are talking to practices in any other area of the law, for example, general criminal law (assaults, theft, burglary etc). In my experience a solicitor who is a true motoring law specialist will usually practice exclusively in motoring law.

2) Visit an independent review site (such as Google Reviews or Trustpilot) to see what previous clients have said about the firm (or even better the individual motoring lawyer who will be representing you).

3) Make sure you speak directly to the motoring lawyer who is going to be dealing with your case. Ask the solicitor to personally review your case free of charge and ask them to provide you with some free initial advice including setting out your options and the percentage chances of achieving the desired outcome. If they won’t do this then how can you decide whether to instruct them?

4) Find out EXACTLY who is going to be dealing with your case. You need to know at the outset whether a specialist motoring lawyer will be dealing with every aspect of your case or whether a trainee solicitor, para-legal, clerk or other non-solicitor fee earner is going to be doing the majority of the work. At BB Law, you will ALWAYS deal with me personally. I do not have a secretary or an assistant and I do not intend to employ one. I know everything about every single one of my client’s cases and I like it like that.

5) Ask yourself – does the motoring lawyer you are thinking of instructing have sufficient enthusiasm to fight your corner? Will they be prepared to think outside the box?  Will they be realistic and pragmatic when the situation requires it? I treat every client’s case as if it were my own. Often the difference between getting a satisfactory result and an excellent result is the willingness to go that extra mile.

More about BB Law –

The firm is dedicated to defending drivers and has three simple aims:

1.) Protect your driving licence
2.) Provide an exceptionally high quality service
3.) Offer value for money

Who exactly is behind BB Law and who is going to be representing me?

Specialist motoring lawyer, Nicholas Bell, (better known as ‘Bobby’) is the director of BB Law and the firm’s principle advocate. He is an experienced solicitor and crown court advocate who practices exclusively in motoring law, representing clients in courts all over England and Wales.

What makes BB Law different to other motoring law firms?

    • BB Law’s unique promise is that you will always deal directly with a specialist motoring lawyer. You will never deal with a receptionist, trainee solicitor or other fee earner.
    • BB Law want to win your case just as much as you do AND when we win, we want to get your costs refunded from the court.
    • BB Law provide an exceptional standard of service combined with affordable and transparent fixed fees.  Have a look at our Google Reviews, Trustpilot ratings or our CLIENT FEEDBACK page to see what previous clients have to say.

bobby bell

  • BB Law have a formidable reputation for leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice, whether your case is before the Magistrates’ Court, the Crown Court or the High Court.
  • BB Law will always give you straight talking, practical advice, if we think you have no defence, then we will tell you this from the outset and we will advise you how best to go about damage limitation.
  • BB Law rarely advertise and we don’t spend lots of money paying internet marketing companies to keep our website ranking high on Google. The vast majority of our clients are referred by previous clients who have experienced BB Law’s exceptional standard of service.  If you are reading this the chances are someone you know has suggested you “Google BB Law”.

If you are accused of an offence alleged to have been committed in Scotland then you will need a Scottish road traffic expert to advise and represent you (English solicitors are not permitted to advise on cases outside of England and Wales). A number of my clients have instructed Richard Freeman ( to deal with cases they have in Scotland and have subsequently spoken very highly of the service he has provided to them.

What can BB Law Motoring Lawyers do for you?

TOTTING UP - if you are at risk of accumulating 12 or more points on your licence for offences committed within a 3 year period then you will be at serious risk of a minimum 6 month totting up ban. There a ways of avoiding a totting up ban, arguing exceptional hardship is one option but there may be others. Email the details of your situation to Bobby ( and he'll look at your case (free of charge) and work out your chances of avoiding a disqualification

FAIL TO IDENTIFY DRIVER (S.172) - this is one of the most common offences BB Law deal with. Often these fail to furnish driver details cases can be defended on a factual basis and occasionally we will find a technical defence. Even if it transpires that you have no defence then there may be other ways to avoid the dreaded 6 points and MS90 conviction code. For example, we might be able to persuade the prosecution to accept a guilty plea to the original offence (usually speeding), which very often results in 3 points and a much smaller fine (subject to the circumstances of the original offence, which prompted the police to send the requirement to provide driver information)

SPEEDING (HIGH EXCESS SPEED OFFENCES) - Bobby particularly likes dealing with high level excess speed offences. Clients often think there isn't much that can be done but you would be amazed at the range of options, which can be available in these types of cases. Bobby has dedicated a page of this website to speeding offences - have a look at the 'Offences and Services' menu and select 'speeding'

DRINK DRIVING - we aren't one of these motoring law firms that claim to be able to win any drink driving case. Such claims are ridiculous, there is no easy way to defend a drink driving charge. On average we find a viable defence in about 1 out of every 10 drink driving cases that we deal with. Have a look at the 'drink driving' page to see examples of the drink driving cases BB Law have successfully defended. Disqualifications imposed for drink driving offences range from 12 months up to 5 years or more, so If we can't find a defence in your case then it can be worthwhile putting maximum effort into preparing and presenting mitigation



BB Law regularly represent clients who are accused of driving off after an accident.  Over the years we have developed a good understanding of how the various police forces throughout the country approach these investigations.  This knowledge helps us to achieve satisfactory outcomes for our clients as quickly as possible.  The following feedback was received […]

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Who exactly is behind BB Law and who is going to be representing me?

Specialist motoring lawyer, Nicholas Bell, (better known as ‘Bobby’) is the director of BB Law and the firm’s principle advocate. He is an experienced solicitor and crown court advocate who practices exclusively in motoring law, representing clients in courts all over England and Wales.

Bobby aims to exceed client's expectations both in terms of the results achieved and the standard of service and value for money provided.

Bobby, like all the best motoring lawyers, is familiar with the varying approaches to road traffic cases that are taken by different court areas. For example, he know which courts will allow drivers to plead guilty to an original speeding offence in cases where the driver is facing a fail to provide driver information charge.

How much do you charge for a case like mine?

Because BB Law mainly work on a fixed fee basis, clients know at the outset how much their case is going to cost. Have a look at the ‘FIXED FEES’ page to see how affordable the fees can be.

BB Law is dedicated to representing drivers accused of motoring offences, often achieving results that far exceed client’s expectations. A detailed and specific written advice can be provided from as little as £250, which may prove to be the best £250 you have ever spent. Initial advice is FREE!

Where are you based and do you represent drivers all over the country?

The firm is based in Congleton, Cheshire just south of Manchester and north of Stoke-on-Trent.

BB Law is ideally located if you are looking to instruct a specialist motoring / road traffic solicitor for cases being dealt with in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Staffordshire or Derby, however, BB Law regularly travel much further not least because many clients actually find it more cost effective to instruct BB Law than to instruct a local firm.

If you’re not sure whether you need a specialist motoring lawyer or whether you could afford a specialist motoring lawyer, then drop Bobby an email to and he will give you FREE expert initial advice on your situation, tell you whether he can help and tell you how much it is likely to cost you.

There are so many specialist motoring lawyers advertising on the internet, why should I trust BB Law with my case?

1) BB Law is a solicitors firm dedicated to representing drivers accused of motoring offences, rather than simply a motoring law department within a general solicitors firm.

2) Bobby Bell provides a personal service, you deal directly with a specialist motoring lawyer throughout every step of your case. You will NOT deal with receptionists, fee earners or trainee solicitors.

3) We embrace information technology, which means you the client, benefit from quick, efficient and convenient communication.

4) If you need to ask a question about your case then Bobby will usually be available to answer your email, text or phone call between 9.00am – 9.00pm, 5 days per week and is often also available during weekends.

5) BB Law work efficiently, which ultimately means you get better value for money. Have a look at the ‘FIXED FEES’ page to see how BB Law’s fees compare against competitor’s fees.

6) Bobby Bell provides prospective clients with FREE initial advice on their motoring law case and if he doesn’t think he can help then that is exactly what he will tell you.

7) If you have been asked to attend a police station for a voluntary interview in relation to a motoring offence then Bobby will either intervene and avoid the need for an interview or he will attend the interview with you.

8) BB Law believe in pro-active rather than re-active case management. This means that from the minute you confirm your instructions, we will be actively working to try and get the best possible result for you, whether this be attempting to get the prosecution dropped, or preparing your defence/mitigation. Experience suggests that pro-active case management in motoring law prosecutions can be extremely effective.

9) BB Law promise to give clients straight forward, straight-talking advice. If Bobby thinks you have no defence or that your defence is unlikely to succeed then he will tell you this and will explain the reasons behind the advice in simple language.

10) We never give up. If we think you have a valid defence and you are prepared to fight it out in court, then we will be there for you every step of the way even if this involves bringing a claim for judicial review or a case stated appeal in the High Court. Have a look at our 'CLIENT FEEDBACK' page for examples of judicial review proceedings or case stated appeals we have won for clients.

11) BB Law never forget that you are innocent until proved guilty.

Who is Bobby Bell? - Bobby qualified as a solicitor in 2006. He worked for one of the countries largest criminal defence law firms for 8 years before setting up his own specialist motoring law firm, BB Law, in 2011.

As well as being a solicitor, Bobby is also qualified as a Higher Court Advocate, which means he can appear and represent clients in any criminal proceedings in any court in England and Wales, including the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court and the High Court.

Bobby has wide ranging advocacy experience including appearing before the Administrative Court at the Royal Courts of Justice, London, in the widely reported appeal of Rymer v DPP [2010] EWHC 1848 (Admin), [2010] All ER (D) 219 (Jul). Bobby has also appeared before the Military Court as the defence advocate in Court Martial proceedings.

Bobby has a real passion and enthusiasm for road traffic law and is adept at using the technicalities of the legislation combined with excellent advocacy skills to achieve the very best outcome possible for each client.


Bobby is very much in favour of promoting road safety and doesn't condone poor driving. However, Bobby also recognises that drivers are human and so are prone to making mistakes.

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